VisualSE Textiles

VisualSE Textiles


May 2021

This exhibition of textiles and mixed media work has been created by the VISUALise (formerly known as ISE) textile

group which was formed several years ago by like-minded artists who enjoy creating diverse work with stitch as the

common thread.

The group meets regularly in Welford Village Hall, Northamptonshire, and has always had a mentor, who works

individually with each artist, presently this is Amanda Clayton, former mentors were Matthew Harris, James Hunting,

Mary Sleigh and Sue Eden.

“The role of the mentor is to engage each practitioner in a dialogue with their own practice - it is to propose not

impose. This show is the manifestation of a collection of individual journeys. Rather than a full stop the works are to

be seen more as a comma, a pause for breath and reflection within these dialogues. The range of work illustrates the

emphasis that VISUALise places on the individual, united by a rigorous approach to reflection and practice and a

celebration of the diverse applications of the textile media.”

James Hunting