The extension build begins!

The extension build begins!


Oct 2021

Liz Jansson

The beginning of October saw the preparations underway for the start of the atrium extension construction. This work is due to be completed by mid-2022 and in the meantime there will be some disruption to our normal operation but we are still open for visitors who can view at first hand and at a safe distance the transformation taking place.

The photo of the planning visual has been slightly modified since origination, but you get a good idea of what we have planned.

During the work, the main entrance will be via number 80 Derngate for both the house and The Dining Room. Our introductory video, normally shown at the start of tours, is being made available online for those who wish to see it, and access to the rear of number 78 will be restricted whilst the heavy demolition work next door continues. When available, our volunteers continue to offer guided tours, but no guarantees can be given at the moment.

We ask all our visitors to bear with us during this exciting development and hope that they will come and see us now and then return once all the building work is complete to see the immensely exciting finished project!