78 Derngate Archive

Textile design: pink tobacco flower

9 Jul
David Walsh

This textile design was produced by Charles Rennie Mackintosh during his time in Chelsea (1915-1923). It featured in the 78 Derngate Centenary Exhibition “Charles Rennie Mackintosh & The Great War“.

The drawing is a reversed tracing from the hair of a figure in ‘The Opera of the Sea’, a gesso panel from 1903 by Margaret Macdonald (Private Collection). This tracing is certainly in Mackintosh’s hand, and it was used as the basis of several other designs for textiles containing tobacco flowers (41492, 41494).

Mackintosh turned to commercial textile design during the years he and Margaret Macdonald spent in London. They rank among the most progressive designs of the period in Britain.

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Textile design: pink tobacco flower
CRE MACKINTOSH, Charles Rennie; (Scottish; 1868-1928)
pencil and watercolour on brown tracing paper 25.6 x 20.5
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