78 Derngate Archive

Ownership and Occupancy of 78 Derngate

30 Dec
Perilla Kinchin

The details below were extracted by Perilla Kinchin as part of her research on Derngate for the Trust from copies of deeds kindly supplied by John Shallcross of Hewitson, Becke & Shaw.

1 July 1916

The house bought by Joseph Tom Lowke of 13 Kingswell St. from the Trustees of Mary Ann Hughes. the property having been occupied by Mr Harrison. £250.

30 Dec 1916

A plot of ground 33ft6in long by 26′ wide at N end.2511 at S end, formerly part of the garden of 74.Derngate, bought by JT Lowke from Mary Harris, wife of George Hams of 57 St Giles Street. £70.

26 Sept 1921

House and garden plot conveyed by JT Lowke to W J Bassett-Lowke £325.

27 Sept 1921

Mortgage taken out by WJ Bassett-Lowke from his father for £325 at 5% interest, interest to be paid in quarterly instalments.

31 July 1926

House and garden conveyed from JT Lowke, engineer. 13 Kingswell St (mortgagee) and WJ Bassett-Lowke, model engineer, late of 78 Derngate, but now of Weston Road (vendor) to Harold Scrivener, architect, already living in 78 Derngate. At this stage B-L had not paid off any of the capital owed to his father. The deed was signed by T J Lowke the very day before he died. £975.

13 May 1932

Conveyed from H M Scrivener of 78 Derngate to Lily Maud Emily Amphlett of 39 East Park Parade. £950.

29 Dec l948

Conveyed from the executrix of Miss Amphlett, who died on 1 Sept 1948 to Dr Percy Claud Burgess of The Limes. Brackley Road, Towcester. The deed is witnessed/signed by Florence Beatrice Burgess (widow). Dr Burgess was buying the property for his mother? £4,500.

5 Nov 1964

Planning permission granted to Dr Burgess (still of 7 Brackley Road.Towcester) for change of use to offices, school or professional purposes, on condition that the exterior be maintained as a private dwelling house.

14 Dec 1964

Conveyed from Dr Burgess to The Peterborough Diocesan Board of Finance, who bought it for Northampton Girls School. £5000.

16 Mar 1966

7 year lease from 1 Dec.1965 to K.Ward Publicity Company Limited. registered office West End, Bugbrooke. Northants. Rent £300 p.a.

First published in September 2001 In The Friends of 78 Derngate Newsletter Issue 15.
Author: Perilla Kinchin
Transcribed 2018: Barbara Floyer