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Jug. Attributed to Joseph Maria Olbrich. c.1910.

21 Jun
David Walsh

This Wächtersbach jug was acquired for the 78 Derngate collection on 16th June 2019. Purchased online from a dealer in Bochum, Germany, the jug is, as of 21st June 2019, displayed in the Guest Bedroom of 78 Derngate and can be viewed by visitors to the house.

The decision to acquire this jug is based on its similarity to one which appears in photographs taken by W.J Bassett-Lowke of the room around 1920. These show a bowl, matching jug and pail all of similar decoration. There is no currently available provenance for the purchased jug. According to Jane Preston the original jug was broken. The pail is in the collection of The Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery along with the original bedroom furniture suite. Text from the online listing ( see below ) attributes the design of the jug to Joseph Maria Olbrich an Austrian architect and co-founder of the Vienna Secession. Amongst other notable buildings Olbrich was also the designer of the Secession Building ( 1897 ) in Vienna. Olbrich is known to have produced multiple designs for the German Wächtersbach Keramik who also made pieces designed by Peter Behrens and for the influential Darmstadt Artists’ Colony.

The acquisition of the jug complements the existing display at 78 Derngate of the replica Charles Rennie Mackintosh – designed washstand  commenced by Professor Jake Kaner in April 2015 and completed in late 2018.  The entire set can now also be viewed by public visitors.

The wash jug and washbowl displayed at 78 Derngate on the replica Charles Rennie Mackintosh – designed washstand.
Photograph: Barbara Floyer

Auction listing text 2019 – source: ebay

Wächtersbach Jugendstil- /Art Deco
Keramik Krug / Waschkrug
mit Würfel-Dekor

Höhe (Lippe des Ausgusses): 33 cm
Entwurf: Joseph Maria Olbrich
gemarkt: Dec.15.39. Düsseldorf, Wächtersbach Schild-Marke

der Krug befindet sich in sehr gutem Zustand und weist
lediglich minimale Gebrauchsspuren auf ! (Mikro-Kratzer
im Bereich unterhalb der Ausguss-Lippe)

( English translation
Wächtersbach Art Nouveau / Art Deco

Ceramic pitcher / wash jug
with cube decor

Height (lip of the spout): 33 cm
Design: Joseph Maria Olbrich
marked: Dec.15.39. Dusseldorf, Wächtersbach shield mark

the pitcher is in very good condition and shows
only minimal traces of use! (Micro-scratches
in the area below the spout lip).  )

Auction listing accessed 16-6-19.

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The Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery catalogue information.

Dressing table and wash stand, for the guest bedroom, 78 Derngate, Northampton. Catalogue number: GLAHA:52824

China bucket, from 78 Derngate, Northampton. Catalogue number: GLAHA:52962