What's on at 78 Derngate?

Our two galleries feature a programme of inspirational art exhibitions; always something unusual to see, discuss or purchase. Entrance to our Visitor Centre - with shop, galleries and restaurant is free of charge.

New for spring 2019

Awe and Wonder, Joy and Love

1st February
- 7th April 2019

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Antoinette Jackson is a figurative sculptor working in bronze and cold-cast bronze, creating both large and small sculptures. She draws inspiration from everyday life, often children at play, portraying those happy scenes filled with joy, wonder and love. Without being overworked her figures retain a lively quality which resonates with our own feelings, reminding us each time we walk past them of the small - but meaningful - moments which make up all our lives.

Formerly a lecturer in Art and Design for Plymouth University Institute of Education, Antoinette exhibits throughout England and continues to teach sculpture classes in Devon.

Works from the exhibition are available to purchase by commission.

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Posters from: The Tom Osborne Robinson Collection
1920 - 1950
Travel & Ocean Liners

1st February
- 28th April 2019

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A fresh and further look at posters from the Tom Osborne Robinson poster collection. This extensive archive of over three thousand posters was bequeathed to The University of Northampton. Sixteen works ranging from the early 1920's to the 1950's will be shown including "Venezia" by A.M Cassandre. 1951.

"The Life and Times of Tom Osborne Robinson". Rob Kendall.
Venue: 78 Derngate, Northampton. Date: Wednesday 13th Feb 2009. Time: 6.30 - 8pm.
Tickets £3 ( includes refreshments ) on the door. Please book at 78 Derngate - Tel: 01604 603407.

The Ward Carnival Glass Collection
( By The Carnival Glass Society UK )

1st February
- 28th April 2019

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Carnival Glass is pressed, iridised glass that was first made in the early 1900s and was at the height of its popularity between 1910 - 20 around the period in which Charles Rennie Mackintosh remodelled 78 Derngate. It is found in a range of shapes, patterns and colours from delicate ‘ice’ pastels to vibrant purples, greens, oranges and blues; all with an iridescent surface that reflects back a myriad of tones and hues which look spectacular when displayed together in a collection.

In this exhibition, which has been put together by the Carnival Glass Society UK, a selection of carnival glass items has been chosen that reflect the Art Nouveau, Arts & Crafts, Oriental and almost Art Deco styles which feature in many of Mackintosh’s designs.


Angela Stanbridge - The Power & Beauty of Flowers

13th April - 30th June 2019

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Angela Stanbridge returns to 78 Derngate for the third time with this exhibition inspired by both the visual symbolism and perpetual cycles of life and death of flowers. Flowers can be powerful; they can produce positive emotional responses from not only those who receive them but also in those who give them. For Angela “Nature is ever changing; there is beauty to behold in every step. Each of us has the choice of simply seeing a flower or something much more. I love to take flowers and enhance their drama, which can allow you to view them in a completely different way”.

Angela has previously exhibited at the Society of Botanical Artists Annual Exhibition in London and has had solo exhibitions at The Rugby Art Gallery and Museum and Nuneaton Art Gallery and Museum. Works in the exhibition are for sale and a selection of prints and cards will be available.



Ion Severin - Regeneration

27th April - 7th July 2019

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Of this exhibition Ion Severin the artist writes:

“Regeneration is not merely the title of this series of my graphic artworks, but a concept I believe in. Each being has the amazing ability to regenerate and to start afresh. We see this miracle of creation every day. I see and express it in my own style, my own vision. Life is more than the visible and tangible. The most exciting part of the adventure of life is to dare to explore the invisible and the intangible. Through my work I can take you on such adventure.
For me freedom is the supreme goal of all art. I am totally free in my creation and I rejoice in this freedom. I would like to pass on this sensation of freedom to others. I would like you to look beyond the first impression, beyond the frame of the artwork, beyond all boundaries.

My artworks themselves speak much better than I could ever do. as an art lover I am sure you will find your own message and your own meaning in my art.”

Works in the exhibition are for sale.
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